I have filed a patent application but I have not yet had any reply from the Italian Patents Office, and I don’t know whether it has been accepted or not. Do I have to wait for the granting of the patent, before producing my object?

The granting of the patent is not essential for the production of the object. There are many items being produced without having requested any patent, as this is not a certificate enabling the production, but a document for the prevention against others manufacturing the same invention. As a matter of fact, the same granting of the patent, even though is very important, does not always help in the deterrence of others copying our invention. It is worth remembering that the effects of the patent start from the time of the application and we can act against infringements from the time this becomes accessible to the public, normally after 90 days or 18 months according to the choice made by the requestor. In any case, even before the application has become public, a lawsuit can be done, by having previously notified the text of the patent to the party copying the patent. Therefore it is possible to start selling an invention, taking care, perhaps, to verify that nobody else has patented that item before. This search must be done scrupulously well and it is sensible to seek a professional, as not even the granting of the Italian patent can shield you from this point of view, considering that in Italy patents are granted without any novelty search, but only following a substantial examination on the features of the invented product.