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In our Resources section, you will find useful content to provide you with the most complete overview on the world of industrial and intellectual property. 

The Resource section of is divided by topic and includes:

  • Faq: the most frequently asked questions by our clients and not only… An immediate  help on recurring problems and topics to which you can find the solution now. 
  • Case studies: all data and facts collected “on the field” in over 30 years of activity. Simple and valid contextual examples for whoever needs to protect, develop or defend an idea.
  • News: the latest articles to be updated on the world of industrial and intellectual property and the pertaining law.

Patent Resources

All insights on the world of Patent

What kind of monopoly a patent grants and for how long?
What taxes do you have to pay on the contracts related to patents?

Trademark Resources

Trademark exclusive contents

What is a trademark and what does it represent for a company?
Where can you register a trademark?

Design Resources

Resources on the value of Design

What can you register as a design or model? How can you stand out from knockoffs?

Software Resources

All topics on patent software

How to patent a software? What happens if you use a copy of a software?

Copyright Resources

An exclusive focus on copyright

What does the © Copyright symbol mean? What is the duration of copyrights? What does posting images without copyright involve?