I have an italian internet site with an american address, such as “myname.com”. Is it possible registering it as a trademark in the united states? Is the trademark considered as being used even if it is just for the internet?

Surely the used name to distinguish an Internet site can validly be registered as a trademark. As the site is all in Italian, the advisable thing to do is to proceed with the trademark registration in Italy, because the trademark rights are important, not due to the place where the domain was acquired, but rather in function of the territory where the name would be distributed and where it will be known. It is evident that if the site is in Italian, mainly Italians rather than Americans would access it. In any case, if you want to register the mark in the USA it can be done. The American discipline differentiates two kinds of mark registrations according to whether it has been used or not: in the second case, a kind of reservation is requested with which the registering person declares his own intention to use the mark, and this is to be done within a certain period of time; in the first case, instead, it can be easily obtained. The fact that the name gets used as Internet domain, and that it is also present inside the web pages, sets up an actual use of the word, whilst to allow the American Trademarks Office to check up on the kind of business exerted inside, it would be wise to have at least the initial page translated. Otherwise there are no problems at all in getting a trademark in the United States; request for it could be done at an American legal office or an Italian office dealing with industrial property.