How can I protect a game to play in a discotheque with the auxiliary of software?

It is very difficult to protect this kind of idea as it is not realised as a tangible work, but with the purpose of getting an entertainment result. Even though they are not specifically covered by this law, games are usually deposited at the SIAE in order to claim ownership, like literary works, records, drawings. Even the television programmes are protected by this same law: in reality, when we want to protect a programme, a “format” is prepared, this is usually a detailed description of the unfolding of the programme and is deposited at the SIAE either on its own or together with a videotape of the zero number (this is a trial number) of the programme.

If it is a game to be played inside discotheques, but which could be used also within television programmes, the same procedure should be followed. In addition to it, it is advisable depositing the computer programme for the game at the Software Public Registry, as it could be a great novelty element from a commercial point of view. To further strengthen the position, it is also worthwhile to distribute this game with a name and register the trademark so that it can get known with that appellative and anyone trying to use it afterwards would have to call it something else, giving the public the impression of non-originality.