I have realised an informative internet site and I would like to insert the mark of another site and a link to it, so to supply the visitors with further information on the subject. Must I ask for authorisation from the owner of the other site or can I freely do it?

There are a lot of disserting opinions over the link. This consists in a cross-reference, from one Internet page to another page of the web, allowing the user to easily move in the web from one space to another. However, even though this is a technical tool necessary to the navigation, in fact this operates via a mechanism consisting in affixing on your own site, the logo or the mark of the firm to whom you are referring. This fact could, in theory, lead to a presumption of illicit use of someone else’s trademark, and in effect in some cases this was tried to be made to prevail as a setting-up. Mostly though, the link is considered to be totally free and with a sort of implicit licence, for which anyone working on the web can make a link, unless the owner of the site has specifically asked to exclude this possibility. Consequently, it is a good rule to first consult the pages of the site we want to cross-refer to and check that there are no limitations to this effect. If nothing is indicated then we can conclude that there are no problems to put the link, even if it would be appropriate to inform of the linking to avoid problems of any kind.