I have invented a new system that enables to precisely detect the out of play. How can I realize it? Can the patent be granted all in my name or do i have to half it with whoever makes it?

First of all it is necessary to understand the actual invented system and, above all, if it is only an idea or if it is clear how it should be made. In this second instance, it is already possible to file a patent application related to the system in its entirety, describing in detail its constructive aspects and all its peculiarities, then contacting some company for its concrete realization, and, perhaps, propose a license or sale of the patent. Instead, in the case where, as it might be in this situation, exist only a vague idea of what to do, but not how to achieve it, it is advisable to immediately go to a technical expert who, starting from the idea, could project the system. To this end it is wise to stipulate a written contract with the technical expert, binding him to keep confidential all the supplied information and not to file any analogous patent application in his name; the purpose of this is a better guarantee. In any case, even in the absence of any agreement, if it can be demonstrated that someone has made an invention on “commission”, it is the inventor-consigner who has all rights over the product that will then be realized, therefore he is not obliged to share half of his rights. On the other hand, it is also possible to try and find a beneficial agreement with the technician, co-registering the patent, but partaking also in half the expenses for the whole operation.