I love painting as a hobby and I have sold some paintings. Now one of my buyers wants to make prints with my paintings: can he do it? how can I claim ownership for each painting?

Painting is an artistic business and the law on copyright automatically protects the finished works without having to fulfil anything. The only problem that may arise could be demonstrating of actually being the authors of it, problem which normally can be overcome by putting a signature, which is unique in every person. Some painters, though, in order to supply their clients with a certificate of authenticity, go to a Notary to deposit the signature and declaring, for every painting, that it actually comes from the author. The important thing is, however, ensuring to have a proof that the painting has been made using a certain subject, whatever it takes to get this. Regarding the prints, the painting’s buyer cannot at all use it for purposes other than to hang it in his own house and, as the case may be, to show it at some exhibitions, even though not everybody agrees that the buyer could do this. In any case, the buyer has no rights to make prints, so if he wants to do them, he must ask the author’s authorisation and will also have to pay him according to the production. Should he proceed to do them without consulting the author, it is possible to seek legal advice to claim your rights.