I have in mind to make a site where the visitors can place bets and can participate to a prize game. I would like to know what I can do to get the exclusivity and if I have to ask any authorisations to do this.

The idea of making an Internet site offering a particular service cannot be protected as the idea per se, whilst it is surely possible to get exclusive rights over the type of site that will be created, preventing others to reproduce the graphics, texts and the main setting-outs. Besides, in this specific case, it appears to be necessary for the management of the same site, to set up appropriate software, which in turn is protected by the law on copyright. Further to the shielding actions taken, nobody would be able to make a similar or identical site, but others could create a prize game having an analogue object.Regarding the authorisations, a private person or a private firm cannot offer betting services, as this is an activity forbidden by the art. n. 718 and following of the penal code, as well as the art. n. 4 of the law 401/89, if they have as object sport activities, which are reserved to the Coni, Unire and other sporting associations. Instead, it is possible to set-up such activity as a prize competition, on condition that the prize is not in money but other goods. In this second case, it is compulsory to ask the appropriate authorisation at the Ministry of Finances, describing the plan in details and stating the estimated value of the prizes. Usually the authorisation is subordinate to the obligation of lending a suitable security bond, to guarantee the actual delivery of the promised prizes. The Ministry of Finances, upon deciding on the authorisation, determines, in a provisional way and subject to collection, the amount of fees payable for the authorisation, and this will be released after presentation of the receipt of the fee settlement due to the Section of Province Treasury.