I had a very particular ring made by a goldsmith. It is not only aesthetically beautiful, it contains a peculiar accessory which makes it useful for a precise purpose. Is it good to register it as a model?

In general jewels such as rings or necklaces or others, are registered as model as to obtain the exclusive on its use in that shape. This type of registration however allows the protection of the design as it is realized and is limited to the protection of the aspect of the product without going into the details of its functions or constructive peculiarities. Therefore, such solution may be advisable every time the jewel has only a particular shape which makes it beautiful and attractive and not when it has also technical characteristics. In those occasions, according to circumstances, it is better to resort to the protection offered by the patent of invention or model of utility which protects not only the design but also the functioning of the product. Basically, the difference is significant.With the model one prevents others to make the same ring, as it is realized, but not to realize a ring with a different shape being based on the same basic idea. With the patent of invention or a utility model the shape is not relevant andwhat is protected is the functional aspect. As a consequence, in this case analyzing the type of jewel and considering if there are the requirements for one or the other protection or for both of them so that you can defend yourself against infringement in the best wayis essential.