To obtain protection of a little slogan to be used in the whole of Europe, should a trademark be deposited for every language of every country, or could one application including them all be enough?

If the trademark is made up by words, at the time when we want to apply for registration, we need to indicate exactly the type of word or words we want protected. This question shows us two aspects of difficulty: the first related to the possibility of protecting in a country a phrase written in different languages, like if, for instance, we wanted to prevent others using the trademark in Italy, both if it is written in Italian, in French or German. The other aspect is related to the places where we want to be protected, i.e. just Italy or other countries. From the first point of view it is possible, when applying for registration of an Italian mark in Italy, to indicate, in brackets, also the translation of the mark in another language; however, as the trademark is really effective in Italy, the actual protection will go to the one in the Italian language. It remains to be said though, that some judges have deemed not new the marks that were the mere translation of an already known mark, as in the case of Nouvelle Frontiére and New Frontier. In any case, in this way the mark will only be protected in Italy, and not in other countries, therefore the most convenient thing to do is to exclude a national deposit and apply directly for a community trademark. Therefore the protection will be in every country of the European Union, this with more guarantees and with considerable saving of money.