I have found out that one of my competitors has copied the internet pages of my site, reproducing the texts as they are. Is it possible to force him to cancel them?

The texts inserted on the web are protected by the law on copyright like all the other texts published in the traditional way, therefore the author claims, on the Internet pages, the rights as stated by the law. In particular, as the authors of the text, you have the sole right to use and modify them so that nobody else can do it without your authorisation. Therefore, the fact that third parties copied and reproduced these texts inside some Internet pages, is illicit and you can legally act to get the rights recognised and also for the interdiction of the violation, according to the art. n. 156 of the copyright law. The basic problem, in such situations, is tied to the demonstration of who is the real owner of the rights over the texts, which was the first one writing them. Supposing that no deposit has been made at the SIAE, then the proof would come from other elements, such as the printing with a date of the Internet pages, files over which an elaboration trace can be found, copy of the texts on CD, testimonials given by others. It is not a small difficulty, as even though there is a confidence by the author claiming the rights over the object of plagiarism, it is very difficult demonstrating it. For this reason it would always be appropriate to make at least a copy of the re-elaborated texts and deposit it at the SIAE or by sending it to yourself, so to have something enabling you to claim your rights with less difficulty.