Having to protect my trademark in Germany, is it more convenient depositing directly in that country or applying for the International trademark?

This choice depends entirely upon the type of protection required and the current status of the trademark. Obviously the cost of the national trademark is less than the international one, and it enables, usually, to get the registration in less time. However, if there is an interest also in other countries, then the international trademark is preferable as through this, with a unique procedure, a number of countries can be covered at the same time. Nevertheless, an international trademark can only be deposited on the basis of a previously registered national or community one, therefore if there isn’t an already registered trademark the matter is more complicated. As a matter of fact, in this case two applications should be done contemporaneously, for national and international mark that, however, will only start from the granting of the first registration. This is a rather complex procedure and must be followed up, usually, by specialized offices. For the initial information the closest Chamber of Commerce can be contacted, and that is where both the national and international application is then registered. If, on the other hand, you select to only register the mark in Germany, you will have to find an office in that country to follow-up the file, as each country has its own discipline and it is easy to make mistakes.