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Find out why is important to file your work

Copyright exists from the creation of the work itself. From the moment you create a book, a painting or you develop the code of a software in an original and creative way, your work is protected by copyright. Anyway, it is not always simple to exercise that right.

Let’s suppose that somebody copies your work partially or totally: will you be able to prove you’re the real author? The most important aspect to consider is the possibility to have evidence that proves the existence of the work on a specific date.

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Copyright infringement: risks

It is a big mistake to believe that the content published online is copyright free.

Using pictures, videos, drawings, graphic designs or music protected by copyright without asking and obtaining the permission of the owners can have administrative or even criminal consequences. For this reason, we all should be careful: the fines are really high and in the worst cases mistakes can be punished even with the detention!

Play it safe, book immediately a consultation with one of our lawyers with expertise in copyright.

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The business of ideas

Protecting your idea is essential from a business perspective. It means protecting your work and your professional career. Whether you are an artist or a creative person, a software developer or an entrepreneur, do not let go of the opportunity to make your ideas a source of income.

Registering the copyright will allow you to give your work the right value and will open the doors to possible revenues through royalties. After this step, you could also strengthen the protection of what you created by filing the trademark, the design or the patent.

By obtaining these protections, you will be ready to face easily the challenges in front of you:

  • finding partners and collaborators;
  • presenting your project to a company;
  • entering into a project already running
  • going straight to market

Why protecting a work is convenient

What are the advantages of copyright? The Royalties

By filing a copyright, you may sell or license the rights of your work in return for monetary consideration, that is royalties.

The royalties allow you to monetise your work.

Do not waste your work and efforts, file your copyright today!

Royalties: what are they?

Royalty – royalties in the plural – means “right of the king”. 

The royalties are the fees that the author receives by selling or licensing the rights of economic exploitation of his work to another person.

An example? Every time that a song is broadcasted on the radio, or that is listened through streaming platforms, the author – or the authors – of the song have the right to receive royalties.

When we talk about royalties we think immediately of the musical or publishing sector. Actually royalties are not applied only through copyright, but also by patents, trademarks and designs.

How do I get royalties?

As a first step, we suggest you deposit your work to secure the authorship.

After that you can start earning confidently. How? For example with royalties. But how to get royalties?

Royalties usually come from license, transfer or concession agreements. For this reason, setting up a good contract is very important. The risk for those who choose to proceed autonomously is to reach a disadvantageous agreement for them and for their earnings.

Relying on a lawyer with expertise in copyright will allow you to not worry. Contact us today through the form at the beginning of the page.

Mini glossary

What is copyright?

The copyright of a creative work is a right that exists with the creation of the work itself; the deposit to SIAE is useful to have a certain proof of the authorship of the work. If you would like to learn more about this topic, check out our page.

What does copyright protect?

The more common types of copyright protected works are:

  • literary works (books, stories, poems – also collections)
  • songs (lyrics and music)
  • architectural works
  • software
  • database
  • theatrical and cinematographic works

Copyright can also protect different types of work. In the most peculiar cases it is necessary to analyze the work in-depth with a lawyer experienced in copyright, to evaluate the possibility of benefitting from copyright protection.

What is the difference between copyright, patent and trademark?

We briefly talked about the different protections which a work could benefit from.

To be clearer, here is a table that sums up the characteristics of copyright, patent and trademark.

ProtectionWhat does it protectDurationRenewableTerritorialitySymbol
CopyrightCreative and original worksThe whole life of the author plus 70 years after his deathNoRecognised in the countries that joined the Bern Convention© 
TrademarkDistinctive signs (name and/or logo)10 yearsYes, from 10 years to 10 year, foreverValid in the territory in which is registered®
PatentInventions20 yearsNoValid in the territory in which is grantedPatented