Design: How is artistic furniture protected?

How is artistic furniture protected?

Law tends to clearly separate between artistic and design works which, even if contain a strong creative streak, materialize in new forms and decoration of objects, mostly furniture, fabric, ornaments. On the one hand, the first class is protected by SIAE according to the law on copyright; on the other hand, the latter can be protected by a particular type of protection called “registration of a design or model” single or multiple with which it is even possible to protect an entire range of “design” since – with the payment of the same tax – it is possible to protect up to 100 different models of the same object. This type of protection is mainly used by stylists, many bags and glasses are registered, as it is visible on their tags which bear the wording “patent” followed by a number. Vice versa, in the furnishing field this tendency is much less common to the detriment of designers and producers who often has to encounter hard lawsuits to have their right recognized.