Patents and Trademark research

At the following sites, researches of novelty related to patents or trademarks can be carried out. They are reliable databases even if often they are only partial, as they refer to a National office data and therefore they do not provide a complete result. These inquiries are useful to get a first evaluation, but they cannot substitute the professional researches carried out by an expert.

  1. Patents research
  2. Trademarks research
  3. Research limitations in the database
  4. Private researches

Patents research

Database for Italian patents research

Database for European and International patents research

Research of United States patents


Trademarks research

Database for Italian trademarks research

Database for Community trademarks research

Database for International trademarks research

You can do the researches in the above web sites, bearing in mind that they are not always sufficient to verify your rights.


Research limitations in the database

The patents database, for example, is often consulted by inserting some key words, but this does not guarantee to find all the inventions related to a specific subject. If you are looking for “fridge”, others could have patented it by calling it “equipment for cooling down foodstuff”; therefore it could never be found with the key word.

On the other hand, the trademarks database enables you to make a research on identical names, but does not offer a complete report for similar trademarks that could cause infringement. For example, if you want to register the word “MOKA” as a trademark and you research for it written in that way, you will never find the word “MOCA”, even though from the trademarks point of view it is very similar to the first one.


Private researches

Therefore, in order to have an extensive examination, it is advisable to consult a professional. Our office has highly specialized and long experienced staff. According to the kind of inquiry, each research is carried out by the most suitable researcher, with a considerable advantage in costs and benefits; we have the possibility to select the best person for you every time.

This way, not only you will get the most exhaustive report, but also your costs will be the lowest possible for that research.The most common and useful researches and which we recommend are the following:

  • Trademarks researchThis research is carried out amongst identical or similar trademarks, filed or registered in Italy, European Union, and at International level with validity in Italy. It offers a complete prospect of the trademark status and allows deciding whether to proceed or not with the registration, or if it is better to modify the chosen name. The delivery takes usually 7 days from the ordering date.
  • Patents researchThis research is carried out on International database and the result is a report with a series of abstracts and drawing tables related to the enquiry’s subject. The research is done via “extracts” to save the inventor excessive costs; but in case of necessity, it is always possible to request the entire copy of a patent. The delivery takes, usually, 20/30 days.

Besides this type, other kinds can be done, more or less detailed, according to the specific needs. In particular, researches finalised to the purchasing of a definite patent or related to a competitor’s invention. Upon request the following can be provided:

  • Patents or Trademarks copiesCopies of patents or trademarks, either Italians or foreign. The time needed and the cost varies depending on the type of patent or trademark, as the foreign text is much shorter compared to the national.
  • Patents or Trademarks listA list of patents and trademarks, both Italian and foreign, filed in the name of an individual or a company.
  • Surveillance serviceServices of surveillance on trademarks; this is to check if others will file trademarks conflicting with yours. This allows to immediately taking legal action to protect your rights.

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