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Why file a trademark?

Trademarks, especially nowadays, are essential. Very often it is the crucial factor that persuades clients to buy a product or service.

If you started your business recently or if you have an established company, filing the trademark will help you to:

  • stand out from competitors
  • protect yourself more easily from infringement
  • boost the trust of your clients in your brand
  • keep an asset – that could increase its economic value in time – safe

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Filing of the trademarkItalian TrademarkEuropean TrademarkInternational TrademarkForeign/Extra EU Trademark 
Where it is protectedIn ItalyIn all European Union (including Italy)In the States indicated in the trademark applicationIn the national boundaries of the State
How long does the protection last?10 years10 years10 yearsIt depends
How quickly do we file the trademark application?7 days7 days7 days7 days
How long does it take to obtain the registration?12 months*6 months*It dependsIt depends

*Indicative timing in absence of oppositions, office actions or challenges. 

How to file a trademark? 5 essential steps

The filing of a trademark is based on a few but essential steps.

Therefore, it is important to trust an expert, who will guide you through the difficult path made up of technical terms, bureaucracy, and confusing information.

Here the 5 essential steps to follow to file a trademark:

  1. Novelty search
  2. Select the type of trademark
  3. Select the classes
  4. Select the territory
  5. Filing of the trademar

How to verify if the trademark is already registered? The novelty search

Before filing a trademark, it is highly suggested to conduct a novelty search. Through this search, it is possible to find trademarks already registered using words similar with or identical to yours.
This is not a mandatory step, but it is a very important one.

The most common mistake on this stage is going through attempts, conducting partial searches.

This happens for example when we rely on databases with national registered trademarks, but not foreign ones. Another example is when only identical trademarks are taken into consideration but not similar ones.

These mistakes can lead to the rejection of the registration, oppositions during the filing, or to a claim of compensation from the owners of the similar / identical trademarks.

Do not risk jeopardizing your business. Trust our team will conduct the novelty search properly and proceed with the trademark’s registration confidently.


Type of Trademark

Deciding on the type of trademark to file is a very important step before starting the filing procedure.

It’s possible to file three different types of trademarks:

  • Word trademark
  • Figurative trademark
  • Composite trademark

Below the details of the three types of trademarks.

Word Trademark

The word trademark is a trademark without a graphic part, which includes words only. An example? Filing the word “Nike” as a word trademark allows to obtain the protection of the word regardless of the graphic used.

Figurative Trademark

The figurative trademark, which is commonly called “logo”, is made up only of a design part. Following our example of Nike, registering only the famous symbol as a figurative trademark means that nobody would be able to copy that symbol, but the use of the name “Nike” will not be protected. 

Composite Trademark

A composite trademark consists of the union between words and logo. By filing a trademark which includes the word “Nike” and its graphic symbol, we protect the combination of the two elements. The composite trademark is suggested when the trademark is used always with the two elements together.

The cost of the registration does not change according to the type of trademark. Nevertheless, this choice is very important because it determines the type of protection obtained.


The classes

The classes are the category of products and services for which the protection of the trademark is sought.

An example? If we register a fashion trademark, our primary class will be the clothing one.

The difficulty lies in finding all the classes we need before the filing. Classes cannot be added later on unless you decide to file a new trademark application. 

It could in fact happen that by filing an application of a trademark for clothing, the class for accessories such as bags, backpacks and leather goods is not added, even though the sign is used also to sell those products.


The territory

Choosing where you want to protect your trademark is another very crucial step. The trademark in fact is protected only in the countries where it is registered.

Italian Trademark

The filing of an Italian trademark gives you protection in Italian territory. It’s the perfect solution for all brands that work exclusively in Italy.

Timing: The registration of the trademark is usually obtained within 12 months from the filing of the trademark application

European Trademark

The filing of a European trademark protects you all over the European Union. It’s the perfect solution for all the brands that work in more European countries.

Timing: The registration of the trademark is usually obtained within 6 months from the filing of the trademark application

International Trademark

The word international can be misleading. An international trademark in fact does not provide a worldwide protection, but it’s a procedure that allows to file a trademark in more countries through a single application. If you are interested, it is important to consider that to proceed, it is necessary to have a “base” trademark, usually Italian or European.

Timing: Timing and the costs depend on the chosen countries, other than the classes.


Filing: The cost of the registration of a trademark

The cost of the registration of a trademark varies depending on two factors:

  • The number of the classes
  • The territory where it is registered

Wondering about how much the registration of the trademark costs before you have made your decision on these points could be counterproductive. 

It’s therefore important to have clear ideas about the use of the trademark concerning products, services, and territory.

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