I would like to know if and how can a movie prize be protected?

The protection of a movie prize and above all its related prize-giving show, is entrusted to two different instruments. First of all, regarding the denomination of the prize-giving show, i.e. “The Cannes cinema festival”, “The Stand prize”, “Viareggio Carnival”, or other similar, the protection comes from the part dedicated to the trademarks of the Industrial Property Code. The trademark deposit, at the moment, is not bound by the quality of the businessperson, therefore today any person can legit present an application. The mark registration gives the holder the faculty to prohibit others using a similar or identical name for identical or related products to the ones claimed. As for the contents, i.e. the organisation of the event, the matter is more complex. There are two problems to resolve: the first concerns the possibility of considering a prize-giving show as object of exclusive rights; the second, on the other hand, the possibility to compress the rights of the organiser in order to allow third parties to exercise the rights of the press news. As there isn’t a specific discipline on this, the norm is often to give, as an exclusive to the organiser, the rights coming from and for the show; whilst there is still controversy about the right of ownership, as some sustain that, in case of plagiarism, they can resort to the regulation on unfair competition and there are some who select the application of discipline on related rights, dictated by the copyright. In any case, in order to protect it, the prize-giving show must be realised and planned in all the smallest details, as just the idea of it is not sufficient for protection.