Could a notorious trademark of someone else be used as a decorative feature of a t-shirt?

A trademark owner can prevent others using the same or similar for the same class of products or alike, but, normally, the use of that name is allowed for any other very different products. In our case, though, it is a different kind of problem, as we want to use a well renowned mark. The so-called “notorious” marks are more protected than others, and the law prevents their use by third parties even for different products from the ones for which the mark is used o registered. What we want to do is a typical “merchandising” of the mark, meaning its use only as a decorative purpose, as it is beautiful and attractive, and not to identify certain goods. Even this use is reserved only for the trademark owner. Theoretically, we could try asking him the authorisation to print the mark on t-shirts, since this will actually advertise his brand, but most probably, to get this, we would be asked for royalties or other compensation. Otherwise, the making of the t-shirts is quite risky and we could incur in civil and legal penalties.