Legal defence: Tolerating the use of the trademark by someone who copied it can give way to the loss of someone’s rights?

Legal defence: Can damage compensation be requested to someone for using someone else’s trademark?

Contracts: Could you tell me what are the requirements to be fulfilled in case of transferral or modification of the rights related to international trademarks? Is the transcription necessary as for the national ones or does it come automatically with the request of transcription of the act at the italian patents and trademarks office?

Legal defence: If we have been using a name for some time and someone else registers it, what can be done?

Trademark: In order to use the trademarks of the suppliers, should an authorization be asked?

Trademark: When can a trademark be used without the risk of it being copied?

Trademark: What is the difference between the ®, the TM, the © and the circled D?

Trademark: Can the ® be affixed when the application has been filed, but the trademark has not yet been granted?

Trademark: Is a trademark that has not been used still valid?

Trademark: Does a registered trademark guarantee its novelty?

Trademark: Is it possible to register in one’s own name the trademark of a firm that has now become insolvent?

Trademark: Could a trademark be protected in a total way, for all the products and services?

Trademark: As Italy is part of the European Union, if I register a trademark in Italy, is it valid in the whole community territory?

Trademark: Could I use a trademark registered for certain products also for different products?

Trademark: What is the difference between the International and the Community trademark?

Trademark: What is the advantage of having a registered trademark?

Trademark: In order to register a trademark is it necessary to have a VAT number?

Trademark: How is the name and image of a creative character protected?

Trademark: Is it better to register just a word or the name with the graphic?

Trademark: Must the trademark have a connection with the product to which it refers?