copyright infringement

Citation in a book and copyright infringement

Newspaper and magazine articles fall under the work of arts protected by copyright. Articles 38-45 of the Italian Copyright Law explicitly recognizes them as creative […]

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Court of Rome: Vimeo must reimburse Mediaset

By sentence no. 693/2019 of 10 January 2019, the Court of Rome ordered Vimeo to pay more than €8 million to RTI, a company of […]

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Digital inheritance and the matter of the account

Social network are an increasingly important part of the life of the user till the point to affect a person even after his/her death. The […]

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European Privacy Day: latest news

Today – January 29, 2019 – is the European Day for the Protection of Personal Data established in 2007 by the Council of Europe with […]

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Copyright Infringement

When do we talk of Copyright infringement? What penalties are applicable in such cases? We face copyright infringement when the right of the author is […]

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I commissioned to a graphic some sketches for an advertising campaign and I used them for an internet site. Now I would like to use them also for some headed paper and for the packages for my products, but the graphic says that the rights are his and I cannot do it. Is it true?

The question related to the works created on commission is very controversial and, usually, the only solution to establish what are the actual rights of the parties is the interpretation of the contract agreed between them. Therefore, it is always advisable to write the various agreements so that compensation and ways of exploitation of the […]

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I have made a calendar wholly recapturing the structure of a very original american calendar, but changing the graphic of the numbers and inserting different photos. Should I be relaxed about it or I risk a request for damage compensation.

The calendars are considered protected by the law on copyright, like the catalogues, even though they are not expressly included in the list of protected works, list not considered wholly unconditional. Not only the contents of the calendar is protected, meaning the photographs and the particular graphic, but also the structure as a whole if […]

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Can I use, on the cover of a book, the pictures of a famous painting or must I ask the authorisation of someone?

The author of a work of art, including a painting, can claim copyright on it, therefore, to be able to use it, you need to first ask his authorisation. This must be clearly requested and, almost always, it is granted upon a payment to be given directly to the author. The above said right lasts […]

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Contracts: Whose is the literary ownership of a book published without a contract?

Copyright: How is a hand made drawing protected?

Copyright: How is an architectural work protected?

How can the copyright of intellectual material be protected? And in the case of software?

Copyright: How can the idea of a television programme be protected?

Copyright: What precautions must be taken before publishing a book?

Copyright: Must royalties be paid to a singer to make him into a poster?

Copyright: Who is the owner of a romance and what rights are there over translation of it?

Copyright: Who get the rights over a screenplay? How can i avoid that the director and the producer, who want to sign an agreement with me, don’t claim all rights?

Copyright: How do rights over musical pieces work, and particularly the mp3?

Copyright: How can a fantasy character be protected? Can its name be registered?

Copyright: What does the writing “copyright, all the rights reserved to the author” mean?

Copyright: Is the comparative advertising allowed?

USA Copyright

USA Copyright Did you know? In the USA, copyright must be registered to proceed with its commercial exploitation.Why is it important to deposit the work at the Copyright Office? Relying on to deposit your work at the American Copyright Office to have: Welcome to the U.S.A. copyright section To protect efficaciously your work through […]

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Is it sufficient filing a deposit at the siae to protect an imaginary character?

The best kind of protection for an imaginary character, is the deposit at the SIAE, at the section for inedited work, as this is what it is and therefore it gets protected by the copyright. To this, another protection can be added by registering the name of the character as a trademark, which plays a […]

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I have in mind to write a fairy tales book, made up of text and drawings, which i would like to present to a publisher. how can i do it without incurring the risk of being copied?

An intellectual work, such as a book, is automatically protected by the regulation on copyright, which guarantees, to whoever makes it, both the right of economical exploitation and the moral right to be recognised as the author. However, in order to claim these rights, you must actually have created the book, it is insufficient to […]

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Is it possible to use the book translation of an author dead for more than two hundred years, and simply mentioning the author and the translator’s names without paying royalties to anyone?

The copyright over a written work lasts for the whole life of the author and, upon the heirs, for seventy years after his death, after which anyone could use the writing, make copies of it and reproduce it in any form he prefers. In this specific case, the copyright of the original author have indeed […]

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My girlfriend has a very particular eyes iris diaphragm and we have photographed it with an appropriate camera, to be applied on t-shirts. Can we get the exclusivity on the image use?

Undoubtedly it is possible to use the photograph in an exclusive way, protected by the law on copyright. The original and creative images benefit of an appropriate protection and the authors can claim all rights simply by applying on t-shirts, under the photo, the text “copyright by” followed by the name of the owner’s rights, […]

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I am the owner of an office dealing with three-dimensional graphic; I make three-dimensional drawings, photomontages and virtual animations for professionals such as architects, interior designers, advertisers, and any entrepreneur wanting to represent in a virtual way a project. What i would like to know is who has the copyright over the images and filming i produce for these people, bearing in mind that I produce them on the basis of their indications and their projects.

The first thing to do is to analyse if what you want to realise is to be considered just a technical job or could be defined as an intellectual work. In the first case, or rather if your work consists only in the reproduction of certain data in a certain format and animate them by […]

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We have made a serial of innovative modules and we would like to protect them. We have been told that it is sufficient writing underneath “copyright” followed by our name. Is it true? Is this kind of precaution enough?

The protection of modules, or better known as the “form” often used for the development of normal business activities, is rather uncertain. For some kind of prescribed forms, made up mainly by tables, schemes and other subdivisions of pages to be used, and also for the billings with which we pay taxes and other utilities, […]

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I love painting as a hobby and I have sold some paintings. Now one of my buyers wants to make prints with my paintings: can he do it? how can I claim ownership for each painting?

Painting is an artistic business and the law on copyright automatically protects the finished works without having to fulfil anything. The only problem that may arise could be demonstrating of actually being the authors of it, problem which normally can be overcome by putting a signature, which is unique in every person. Some painters, though, […]

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A few days ago I discovered that one of my stories, for nearly four years already on the web, has been published on a paying site, without my authorisation and with someone else’s ownership. I immediately took care of informing the site webmaster and he corrected the authorship, but he does not want to publish a note in the home page to warn he readers of the mistake and of the correction made. Can I impose it on him by law to defend my moral rights?

This incident is rather unpleasant and it seems to me that the Webmaster has exceeded in his behaviour. A story, mainly as this was already published on the Web, benefits from the protection provided by the law on copyright that recognizes the author both a moral and financial right of the work exploitation. As a […]

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I always had many ideas on businesses and projects to start, but then I am not in the position to realise them. Could I, in some way, “sell” them to others, remaining their partners, provided that I contribute in the starting expenses? How can I protect my right of “ownership” on these ideas?

The substantial problem of this prospected situation lays in the fact that there is not a true and proper protection on “ideas”, so intended as intuitions, projects, initiatives that do not become concrete in a technical solution. According to the law, in fact, anybody can appreciate and use the ideas. But every time the ideas […]

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Ufficio Brevetti - the website protection

Copyright on photos

Copyright on photos Did you know? Different types of photographs are protected by copyright law in different ways. The law provides three different types of protection in case of artistic photo, a simple photo or a documentary photo. Understanding in which category the photo pertains to is not easy –  the assistance of an expert […]

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Ufficio Brevetti - the website protection

Website Copyright

Website Copyright Did you know? You can obtain copyright also for a website, both considered in its entirety and in its single parts. In a website, texts, icons, illustrations but also the whole structure and user interface, if the layout is particularly original, can benefit from copyright. The idea in itself, related to the creation […]

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Unpublished works

Unpublished works Did you know? The copyright is a protection that starts automatically  with the creation of a work with creative and original nature. However, it is extremely important to prove the existence and the authorship of the work in a specific moment. Depositing your work with the help of allows you to: Welcome […]

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Ufficio Brevetti - neighbouring and special copyrights

Neighbouring and special copyrights

Neighbouring and special copyright Did you know?The law on copyright recognizes also a series of neighbouring rights (or related rights) which belong to subjects other than the author, such as producers, radio and tv broadcasters, interpreters and performers.There is also a particular copyright for databases and engineering works. Welcome to the neighbouring and special copyrights […]

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Ufficio Brevetti - copyright


Copyright Have you deposited the documents to protect the Copyright on your works? Original works with creative nature – for example books, songs, drawings – need to be deposited to prove their existence and to specify the authorship. A consultation with the experts of on the deposit can help you to: Welcome to the […]

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