Design: How are decorative objects protected at International level?

Design: How is artistic furniture protected?

Legal defence: Tolerating the use of the trademark by someone who copied it can give way to the loss of someone’s rights?

Internet sites: How can the idea of giving a certain service on internet be protected?

Internet sites: What are the regulations concerning the reproduction of images and video clips on an internet site?

Internet sites: If web pages are done based on information supplied by the client, what rights has the creator got over them?

Internet sites: Is a link inside the pages legal?

Internet sites: Is the link always licit?

Internet sites: I want to make available via internet my personal data bank: what must I do to protect it? What precautions must be taken to respect the privacy?

Legal defence: Can damage compensation be requested to someone for using someone else’s trademark?

Legal defence: Can one be condemned to pay compensation damages for plagiarism if one distributes but does not materially produce?

Legal defence: What are the risks of using copied software?

Legal defence: Can one, without yet having obtained the patent, legally act against someone copying him?

Contracts: Can I sell my patent, deposited in Italy, to a French company? If yes, what type of contract should I choose?

Contracts: Could you tell me what are the requirements to be fulfilled in case of transferral or modification of the rights related to international trademarks? Is the transcription necessary as for the national ones or does it come automatically with the request of transcription of the act at the italian patents and trademarks office?

Contracts: What fees are payable on contracts related to patents?

Contracts: Whose is the literary ownership of a book published without a contract?

Internet sites: Can the photos downloaded from the internet be freely used?

Legal defence: If we have been using a name for some time and someone else registers it, what can be done?

Domain names: Can the owner of a trademark ask to have an internet domain, dealing with different products, closed down?

Domain names: Can I register a trademark with the view of using it on internet?

Domain names: Can one lose the internet domain to the benefit of who has the same trademark registered?

Domain names: Can an internet domain be registered if it has the same name of a famous trademark?

Software: How are the application programs protected?

Software: How is protected a programme related to a new video game?

Copyright: How is a hand made drawing protected?

Copyright: How is an architectural work protected?

How can the copyright of intellectual material be protected? And in the case of software?

Copyright: How can the idea of a television programme be protected?

Copyright: What precautions must be taken before publishing a book?

Copyright: Must royalties be paid to a singer to make him into a poster?

Copyright: Who is the owner of a romance and what rights are there over translation of it?

Copyright: Who get the rights over a screenplay? How can i avoid that the director and the producer, who want to sign an agreement with me, don’t claim all rights?

Copyright: How do rights over musical pieces work, and particularly the mp3?

Copyright: How can a fantasy character be protected? Can its name be registered?

Copyright: What does the writing “copyright, all the rights reserved to the author” mean?

Copyright: Is the comparative advertising allowed?

Trademark: In order to use the trademarks of the suppliers, should an authorization be asked?

Trademark: When can a trademark be used without the risk of it being copied?

Trademark: What is the difference between the ®, the TM, the © and the circled D?

Trademark: Can the ® be affixed when the application has been filed, but the trademark has not yet been granted?

Trademark: Is a trademark that has not been used still valid?

Trademark: Does a registered trademark guarantee its novelty?

Trademark: Is it possible to register in one’s own name the trademark of a firm that has now become insolvent?

Trademark: Could a trademark be protected in a total way, for all the products and services?

Trademark: As Italy is part of the European Union, if I register a trademark in Italy, is it valid in the whole community territory?

Trademark: Could I use a trademark registered for certain products also for different products?

Trademark: What is the difference between the International and the Community trademark?

Trademark: What is the advantage of having a registered trademark?

Trademark: In order to register a trademark is it necessary to have a VAT number?

Trademark: How is the name and image of a creative character protected?

Trademark: Is it better to register just a word or the name with the graphic?

Trademark: Must the trademark have a connection with the product to which it refers?

Patent: If I patent an object in Italy and then I show it to a company to commercialize it, can this latter (after refusing my proposal), file the patent abroad in order to get it granted and thereafter exploiting it in Italy and abroad?

Patent: After I filed the patent application, can I exhibit my invention to the public, even though the 18-month period needed for the publication has not yet passed?

Patent: Is it better to patent an invention abroad too before presenting it to a foreign company?

Patent: How long does a patent last?

Patent: Can various configurations of the same invention be protected with the same patent?

Patent: Is a european patent valid in Italy?

Patent: What happens if we patent something already existing, but has never been patented by others?

Patent: If it can be demonstrated the prior trading of a product that is subsequently been patented by others, can the patent be annulled?

Patent: How long after the filing of the patent will it be granted? And in the case that it cannot be granted, after how long will we be advised of this?

Patent: Must annual fees be paid in order to maintaining the validity of the patent?

Patent: Can the annual fees be paid directly without the help of an expert in patents?

Patent: If I file a patent application in Italy, since we are part of the European Community, is it automatically valid in all the Community countries?

Patent: Who is entitled to the rights of an invention of an employee?

Patent: Who is entitled to the rights in case of an invention been commissioned to a third party?

Patent: Can a patent be filed in the name of a person who is not the inventor? If yes, are there any particular conditions?

Patent: Is it possible filing a patent with validity throughout the world? If yes, how can it be done and what is the cost?

Patent: What values do claims have, and are they really necessary?

Patent: Must a search be done before patenting?

Patent: To file a patent is it necessary to have a prototype?

Patent: To file a patent must I have a prototype? If not, who takes care of verifying if the invention really works?

Patent: Can I file a patent abroad?

Patent: In order to get an object patented in Italy is it sufficient to check that nothing of the kind has been patented there, or is it necessary to take some other precautions?

Patent: How can a patent be filed?

Patent: Can a foreign citizen patent something in Italy?

Patent: Can I patent something by myself or do I have to consult an expert?

Patent: Is there any facilitation for filing an invention for those who can prove of not having any available funds?

Patent: Can an idea be protected without a patent?

Patent: What are the guarantees of secrecy in the months following the filing of a patent?

Patent: What is the difference between a patent and a trademark?

Patent: Can a patent be filed in a provisional form or at a Notary’s office?

Patent: What is the meaning of “public’s advanced accessibility”?